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Welcome to Sweet Nectar Nursery

Welcome to Sweet Nectar Nursery! We grow plants for you that are sure to please the hummingbirds, butterflies, bees, and caterpillars in your garden.

At Sweet Nectar Nursery we cater to the pollinators in your garden, so we're really careful not to use any harsh sprays or chemicals on our plants.. We don't use the growth hormones that many bigger nurseries use to control the growth of plants. We grow our plants as naturally as we can.

Don't want to use our shopping cart? You can order by mail if you'd like. Simply print an Order Form, fill it out and mail it in.

Sweet Nectar Nursery ships March through November within the continental US.

We are not open to the public. If you live in the Vancouver/Portland area, you are welcome to pick up your order at the nursery. Also, we treat acute pain in human beings. If you suffer from any kind of pain like gout pain, arthritis pain etc, then we have a solution. Check here for complete guide to gout pain

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We're a Garden Watchdog Top 5 company for 2010

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